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W&P – The Ministry of Trade Discussed the New Import Rules with Walalangi & Partners

The Ministry of Trade recently issued Minister of Trade Regulation No. 3 of 2024, amending Minister of Trade Regulation No. 36 of 2023 on Import Policies and Regulations. These regulations introduce several changes and new rules, notably granting exemption to holders of API-P designated as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) from the requirement to obtain import licenses.

Walalangi & Partners (in association with Nishimura & Asahi) had the privilege to engage in an audience to directly discuss the new rules with the Head of Import Governance and Policy at the Ministry of Trade and subsequently were invited as key speakers in an exclusive seminar for Mitsubishi Corporation subsidiaries, where Partner Hans Adiputra Kurniawan, together with associates Andhika Indrapraja, Putri Bening Larasati, Elvina, and Sabella Jane discussed various topics of the regulations. These enlightening events were designed to navigate the audience to understand the import licenses rules and bridging the ambiguities under the regulations. The Q&A session was lively, raising both practical and theoretical questions relating to import activities, including on development of plastic raw materials and Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG), expansion of the scope of transferable imported goods by API-P holders, changes in import requirements for certain products, expansion of the scope of import of used goods, and relaxation of import requirements for non-restricted goods for complementary use, market testing, or aftersales service by API-P holders.

The client’s comments: “this shows W&P’s expertise across a myriad of sectors and demonstrates W&P’s capability to navigate diverse spectrums of regulations across numerous sectors and to facilitate tailored solution to meet the unique needs of us as a client”.