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W&P – Pro Bono Initiatives

We have consistently demonstrated a deep sense of social responsibility by dedicating time, resources, and expertise to support individuals and organizations in need. Our commitment to Pro Bono work aligns with our core values of integrity, compassion, and community engagement. We are committed to make positive difference through our Pro Bono efforts.

As part of our Pro Bono initiatives, we regularly organize public focus group discussions (FGD) between government agencies and the relevant stakeholders, to discuss and analyse matters affecting Indonesian society’s live, such as Human Rights, Carbon Trading, Healthcare, Anti-trust and Telecommunication development. The discussions were designed to help each participant to share, discuss, identify, and address various practical issues, to enhance understanding of the implementation of these specific matters. In addition, they provide a platform for experts from the firm to share their knowledge and insights, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap, empowering the stakeholders with a deeper understanding of these complex areas.

Specifically on human rights, we have undertaken extensive research efforts, resulting in the publication of a comprehensive guideline on business and human rights law. This initiative underscores our dedication to promoting awareness and compliance with human rights standards within the business and legal communities. It serves as a valuable educational resource, raising awareness about the legal intricacies surrounding human rights. This is particularly crucial in region like Indonesia, where regulatory landscapes can be intricate.

These Pro Bono initiatives exemplify our commitment to community engagement and our role in supporting government agencies in addressing regulatory requirements in business practices.