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W&P Newsletter – Health Protocols For International Travellers To Indonesia

The Minister of Transportation (“MoT”) just issued MoT Circular Letter No. 74 of 2021 on Guidelines for the Implementation of International Travel by Air Transportation amid COVID-19 Outbreak (“Guidelines”) as a continuous effort to mitigate the spread of imported cases of COVID-19 and its new variants in Indonesia.

The Guidelines apply to both Indonesian citizens and eligible foreigners (“International Travellers”) entering Indonesia. Eligible foreigners mean those that meet, among others, the following criteria:  (i) holding a Permanent Stay Permit (Izin Tinggal Tetap – ITAP) or Limited Stay Permit (Izin Tinggal Terbatas – ITAS), (ii) entering Indonesia for medical and humanitarian purposes, (iii) working as transportation crew, (iv) entering Indonesia through the Travel Corridor Arrangement, and (v) holding a special permit from the Government of Indonesia.

The Guidelines require International Travellers to go through the following entry procedures and health protocols when entering Indonesia:

    When travelling by air transportation, International Travellers are only permitted to enter Indonesia through either Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang (Greater Jakarta), or Sam Ratulangi International Airport, Manado (North Sulawesi).
    1. Upon arrival, International Travellers must present the following documents:
      Documents Remarks
      A Vaccination Certificate (must be in English in addition to the language of the country of origin and in either physical or digital document)
      • Showing the complete dose. Otherwise, they will be vaccinated at the quarantine facility following the 2nd negative RT-PCR test result (for foreigners: vaccination at the quarantine facility is available only for (a) those aged 12-17 years, (b) holders of a diplomatic or service (dinas) stay permit, and/or (c) holders of an ITAP card or an ITAS card).
      • Exemption from the Vaccination Certificate requirement is given to, among others, those with the following conditions: (a) having a certain medical condition, (b) being under 18 years old, and (c) arriving for transit purposes only.
      RT-PCR test result Negative RT-PCR test result (no earlier than 3×24 hours prior to the time of departure).
      PeduliLindungi Application A mobile application administered by the Government of Indonesia (available for Android and IOS users).
      Electronic-Health Alert Card (E-Hac) Electronic filing through the PeduliLindungi app or manual filing at the departure airport.
      For foreigners only: Health/Travel Insurance Covering the medical expenses for the mandatory COVID-19 quarantine and medical treatment if testing positive for COVID-19.
    2. Secondly, International Travellers must undergo an RT-PCR test at the airport.
      1. If testing positive for COVID-19, the relevant International Travellers must undergo medical treatment at a hospital. For Indonesian citizens, the medical expenses will be borne by the Indonesian Government, but for foreigners, such medical expenses will be at their own expense (or at the expense of their sponsor, as applicable).
      2. If testing negative for COVID-19, the relevant International Travellers must undergo 8×24 hour quarantine at a quarantine facility recommended by the National COVID-19 Task Force.
    3. Thirdly, on the 7th day of the quarantine period, International Travellers must undergo another RT-PCR test at the quarantine facility.
      1. If testing positive for COVID-19, they must undergo medical treatment at a hospital.
      2. If testing negative for COVID-19, they are released from quarantine and can leave the quarantine facility.

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