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W&P – Mitsui & Co. – Penske – Indomobil “Establishment of Truck Operating Lease Business”

Big congratulation to Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Penske Truck Leasing, on the establishment of their truck operating lease business in Indonesia together with CSM Corporatama, a subsidiary of Indomobil Group, which began operation in October 2022.

Positive economic growth in Indonesia has resulted in higher demand of goods mobility and transportation. On the other hand, the shortage of maintenance shops has led to an increase in waiting time for maintenance services, and the effects of stricter vehicle regulations and borrowing restrictions have resulted in an increase of demand for outsourcing vehicle management. Through this project, Mitsui, together with the Salim Group, which has a strong customer base and high brand reputation in Indonesia, and Penske, which has the largest operating know-how in North America, owning and managing more than 400,000 trucks plan contribute to the Indonesian economy by providing well-maintained trucks to tackle issues in freight transportation which would reduce road infrastructure damages and traffic accidents.

We are really proud to be part of this committed global expansion of Mitsui and Penske, which is also the first global expansion project for Penske’s business.

The team is led by partners Miriam AndretaHans Adiputra Kurniawan supported by associates Siti Kemala NuraidaSinta Dwi Cestakarani and Raditya Pratamandika Putra