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W&P – Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

As a bid to fortify international partnerships and foster academic exchanges, we had the privilege of hosting esteemed representatives from Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands) on May 6th, 2024. This is a significant step for the firm towards enhancing mutual understanding and exploring avenues for collaboration between academia and legal practice. Being the only chosen Indonesian law firm to be visited during their trip showcases the trust placed in us, further solidifying our position as a leading legal firm in Indonesia.

The discussion commenced with an insightful session where our team provided an overview of the Indonesian legal landscape, covering key areas such as emerging trends and investment regulations. This session provided invaluable insights for our guests, offering them a deeper understanding of the nuances of the Indonesian legal system. The highlight of the visit was the exchange of ideas and perspectives during dynamic discussions on various legal topics. From comparative analyses of legal systems to discussions on cross-border transactions, competition law, and personal data protection regulations, the dialogue was enriching and thought-provoking.

Beyond professional engagements, more importantly, the event also facilitated a cultural exchange between the two institutions, laid the foundation for future partnerships. We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration has opened up for us and remain committed to furthering our collaborations with academic institutions worldwide.