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W&P – CSR Blood Donation for People with Thalassemia

We are harnessing the power of this platform as a dedicated effort to raise awareness about Thalassemia, a potentially life-threatening genetic blood disorder.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder passed from parents to children through genes. People with Thalassemia have red blood cells with shorter life-cycle compared to others as they do not make enough protein to produce hemoglobin, which is important to create healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to all the cells of the body. Without enough healthy red blood cells, there is not enough oxygen delivered to all the other cells of the body, causing mild or severe anemia. Thalassemia affects millions worldwide, and early detection is crucial for better management.

People with major Thalassemia fully rely on regular blood transfusion for the rest of their lives, requiring at least 48 blood bags each year. The firm is enduring partnership with the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia), Pacific Century Place’s building management, and T-Preneurs (an association for people with Thalassemia in Indonesia) over the course of past years to support blood donation initiatives for individuals living with Thalassemia.
Join us in spreading the word about Thalassemia, its symptoms, and the importance of regular screenings and actively conducting blood donation drive. Donating blood can be a lifeline for people with Thalassemia.
For more information on Thalassemia and T-Preneurs, please visit Here and Here