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W&P – ALB Women in Law Awards 2021

Very proud that Walalangi & Partners (in association with Nishimura & Asahi) has been shortlisted as Diversity and Inclusion Law Firm of the Year among other firms in Asia and our Ms. Siti Kemala Nuraida has been shortlisted as Rising Star of the Year, SE Asia by Asian Legal Business (“ALB”) Women in Law Awards 2021.

We are very grateful for this specific recognition because we are really passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity. We consist of 21 men and 26 women, divided into various and diverse religions and race and ethnicities, from age 23 to 56. We realize that our rapid growth much supported by our diversities. We are a miniature of Indonesia, diverse in ages, races, ethnicities, religions and perspective, accepting, open-minded and respectful of everyone, all while providing the best service possible.

Great work and new ideas are always recognized, appreciated and rewarded.

We believe that a more diverse workforce will reinforce our inclusive culture and make us an even better firm. We know that improving gender balance will lead to better decisions, stronger innovation and higher employee satisfaction. We are confident that everyone plays a key role in advancing gender equality and creating a better place to work.

We also believe that inclusion matters to attract potential clients. That is why our firm is aware of cultural norms and marketing messages. We create a diverse team as we believe it’s easier to attract and retain diverse clientele, stay flexible and be open and responsive, creating a welcoming work environment and remaining open to clients of all backgrounds.

At individual level, we all very proud for our Siti Kemala Nuraida, for being recognized and shortlisted again as a rising start in Asia. This reflects the mentorship and regeneration system within the firm works extremely well.

Asian Legal Business have compiled all of the submission entries and have extensively reviewed each submission to ensure the criteria are met in order to advance to the shortlist of finalists where the process is fair, impartial and not subject to external influences, by an independent judging panel of at least 25 senior and expert legal industry leaders from various sectors.

On top of everything (and the most important thing) is we realize that these are all unconditional blessings from God, that we don’t really deserve. All glory is for God alone.