LW – Asialaw

October 5, 2023

“He leads negotiation and explain all matters in a very clear and logical way. He comes with a very strong leadership and always provides sensible and concise responses.”


October 5, 2023

“Luky Walalangi is a strong leader; he consistently remains calm and level headed in providing advice and guidance. We also see his excellent efforts to enable regeneration to occur within the firm” “Luky provides a thorough advice and well-balanced solutions responding to both seller and buyer needs.”

LW – Chambers

October 5, 2023

“Pak Luky strikes me as unassuming, thoughtful, reliable and his real superpower is his team. As a client, I can feel a sense of positivity like no other within the firm. As a client who can be very demanding, to receive such outstanding results consistently from W&P, I believe requires hard work, collaboration and a… Read More