W&P – The Legal 500: Real Estate Guide – Indonesia

Our, Mr. Hans Adiputra Kurniawan, Ms. Siti Kemala Nuraida, Mr. Rainer Faustine Jonathan and Mr. Rio Armando Girsang contributed in The Legal500 Country Comparative Guide: Real Estate, where they discussed and elaborated various legal and practical aspects of Indonesian Real Estate, including:

  1. Evidence of Real Estate Ownership.
  2. Legal restrictions on ownership of real estate.
  3. Types of rights over land in Indonesia.
  4. Horizontal right from land to the constructed building.
  5. Legal Due Diligence in Real Estate Acquisition.
  6. Process of Transfer.
  7. Common Rights, Interests and Burdens Attached Over Real Estate.
  8. Main Taxes for Transfer.
  9. Regulatory Controls on Lease.
  10. Environmental Contamination Liability.

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