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N&A – W&P are featured on Asia Business Law Journal on 22 March 2018

Japanese law firm Nishimura & Asahi (N&A) has announced a new association with Indonesian law firm Walalangi & Partners (W&P) as part of the firm’s strategy to strengthen and expand its Indonesian network.

W&P was founded by experienced Indonesian corporate and financing lawyer Luky Walalangi, and has been fully operational from 1 January 2018. Walalangi is supported by a team of Indonesian lawyers as well as one Japanese lawyer who will be transferred from N&A’s head office in Tokyo.

The firm’s focus will be on supporting inbound investment and financing activity in a variety of sectors with a focus on Japanese investment into Indonesia, working in close co-operation with N&A in addition to building relationships with domestic corporate clients.

“Our firm has been involved in Indonesian business for a number of years and the opportunity to develop a close relationship based around supporting the strategic needs of our clients in Indonesia is fundamental to delivering the best service to those clients,” said N&A’s managing partner, Masaki Hosaka.

“We have worked with Luky Walalangi for a number of years and respect and admire his ability to deliver the standards of service expected by our clients.”

Luky Walalangi added: “I am delighted to be able to strengthen the existing relationship with N&A, with the support of outstanding Indonesian lawyers dedicated to supporting the needs of our common client base in areas ranging from M&A and inbound investment to real estate, antitrust and finance. We have a clear strategy and aim to exceed our clients’ high expectations.”