W&P Newsletter – Initial Results of The 2024 Presidential Election: What To Anticipate?

March 13, 2024

On 14 February 2024, Indonesia held the world’s largest single-day election with over 200 million voters, predominantly younger Indonesians, casting their ballots to elect a new president, vice president, members of the House of Representatives (DPR), members of the Regional Representative Council (DPD), and members of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD). Quick counts conducted… Read More

W&P Newsletter – Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) – A Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions

March 1, 2024

The Government of Indonesia (“GOI”) has recently issued the long-anticipated Presidential Regulation No. 14 of 2024 on the Implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”) Activities (“PR 14/2024”), which together with Regulation of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (“MEMR”) No. 2 of 2023 (“MEMR Reg 2/2023) establishes a comprehensive regulatory framework for the implementation… Read More

W&P – Key Updates – Recent Amendments to EIT Law Impacting Electronic System Operators

February 2, 2024

The second amendment to Law No. 11 of 2008 on Electronic Information and Transactions (“2nd Amendment”), passed on 2 January 2024, is expected to bring more clarity to a number of provisions as well as to address the developments in the sector. This newsletter discusses the provisions that significantly affect electronic system operators (locally known… Read More

W&P – Absence Of Indonesian Version of An Agreement (SEMA 3/2023)

January 16, 2024

Since its enactment in 2009, Law No. 24 of 2009 on the National Flag, Language, Emblem, and Anthem (“Language Law”), as implemented by Presidential Regulation No. 63 of 2019 on the Use of the Indonesian Language (“PR 63/2019”), has sparked a number of controversies, particularly because in 2015, the Supreme Court nullified certain agreements involving… Read More

W&P – New Requirements For E-Commerce Electronic System Providers

November 17, 2023

E-commerce has played an important role in the Indonesian economy in recent years. With the rise of internet users in Indonesia, it helps pave the way for digital-related businesses, from online retails, marketplaces to social-commerce platforms. On 26 September 2023, the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia promulgated Regulation No. 31 of 2023 (“Reg 31/2023”) to regulate… Read More

W&P- Indonesian Healthcare Sector: Notable Highlights for Foreign Investors

October 27, 2023

Being the world’s largest archipelagic country with more than 18,000 islands, Indonesia faces various challenges in providing equal access to healthcare services for all societies across Indonesian territory. Attracting more foreign investors to bring wealth of capital, expertise and know-how, and leveraging digital technology development and application to the health sectors in Indonesia would be… Read More


October 13, 2023

Following the issuance of Regulation No. 14 of 2023 on Carbon Trading through Carbon Exchange (click here for our take on the regulation), the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan – “OJK”) officially appointed the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) as Indonesia’s Carbon Exchange Operator under OJK Decision No. 77/D.04/2023 (“IDXCarbon”). Within days after obtaining the… Read More

W&P – Draft PDP Implementing Regulation Unveiled!

October 6, 2023

The Indonesian government has just revealed a draft Government Regulation to implement the Personal Data Protection Law or PDP Law (“Implementing Regulation”). To access our newsletter on the PDP Law, please click here. The Implementing Regulation is expected to bring clarity on numerous aspects of the PDP Law, including notification procedures on personal data breaches… Read More


September 15, 2023

To further implement carbon trading in Indonesia, the Financial Services Authority (“OJK”), as the authorized body to supervise the establishment and implementation of Indonesia’s Carbon Exchange (“Carbon Exchange”), recently issued Regulation No. 14 of 2023 on Carbon Trading through Carbon Exchange and OJK Circular Letter No. 12/SEOJK.04/2023 (“OJKR on Carbon Exchanges”). These new regulations are… Read More

W&P Newsletter – Indonesian New Health Act – Notable Changes

August 18, 2023

On 8 August 2023, the Indonesian Government officially enacted the new omnibus Health Act No. 17 of 2023 (“New Health Act”), which is aimed to significantly transform, enhance, and accelerate the development of Indonesia’s health services industry to become more advanced, comprehensive, integrated, and accessible by all societies across Indonesia. The New Health Act serves… Read More