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W&P – Personal Data Protection In-House Seminar – PT Resona Indonesia Finance

Associates Ms. Sinta Dwi Cestakarani, Mr. Andhika Indrapraja, Ms Kathleen Cateliya and Ms Ayska Karissa associates from our Personal Data Protection focus group, just held an in-house seminar on Personal Data Protection in Financial Service Sector to one of our clients PT Resona Indonesia Finance (“RIF”), attended by numerous participants consisting of employees and Board of Directors members of RIF. The discussion was lively, and the attendees showed great enthusiasm during the seminar, raising various questions both on the theoretical and practical aspects of the law and regulations.

RIF is mindful of the paramount importance of safeguarding personal data in today’s digital age and recognizes that an independent in-house seminar to raise awareness of personal data protection among employees and stakeholders is essential for several compelling reasons, including the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive information and enables organizations to stay compliant with the data privacy regulations and laws. This proactive approach by RIF not only minimizes legal risks fines but also fosters trust with customers who entrust their data to the RIF.

Walalangi & Partners (in association with Nishimura & Asahi) always go the extra mile to ensure all its clients receive comprehensive support beyond the conventional services. For example, when providing in-house seminars, the team did not just stop at imparting the relevant knowledge but also empower the clients. Specifically in personal data in-house seminars, our team extends the materials to include tailored guidance on implementing robust data protection policies and staying compliant with evolving regulations. Our commitment extends well beyond the seminar room, as we stand by their side to navigate the complex landscape of personal data protection, fostering a culture of trust and responsibility in their organizations.