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W&P – ABLJ In her words

We are very proud that our partner Ms. Miriam Andreta has been featured in Asia Business Law Journal’s May 2022 article, as one of 10 senior women lawyers across Asia (and the only one from Indonesia) to describe her journey and share words of wisdom for aspiring juniors in the profession. This article profiles lawyers from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and Vietnam. The stories about the designated women lawyers celebrate the joy they hold for the law while showcasing their tenacity, professional excellence, and vibrant personalities.

In the editor’s note, Asia Business Law Journal explains its objective to create shortlisted senior women lawyers’ profiles beyond the standard parameters of work-life balance, family matters, and inequalities, and to also capture what has inspired and shaped these lawyers, rather than focusing solely on what is intrinsic to their womanhood.

The observations of these women discuss concrete policies that have helped destabilise unequal practices, offer advice to fledgling lawyers, and reflect on role models and mentors within and outside of the profession. As described by Asia Business Law Journal, in most parts of Asia, women who work are still often expected to juggle the lion’s share, if not the entirety, of responsibility for domestic, childcare, and other familial duties. This is where legal, governmental and organisational restructuring could be valuable.

Ms. Miriam Andreta Adreta explains in the article that Walalangi & Partners consists of 21 men and 26 women between the ages of 23 and 56, from varying religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, led by four partners, two men and two women, operates a meritocratic system without discrimination. She also describes that the firm is one of Indonesia’s most diverse and balanced and there is always equal opportunity through an open partnership system where lawyers can be admitted regardless of their gender and heritage if they possess the right capabilities and experience.

“We believe that a more diverse workforce will reinforce our inclusive culture and make us an even better firm. We know that improving the gender balance will lead to better decisions, stronger innovation, and higher employee satisfaction,” says Andreta.

To aspiring young women lawyers, Andreta says: “Just focus on the work, try to deliver your best, and ignore the ‘noise’.”


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