Our Mr. Andhika Indrapraja, Ms. Femalia Indrainy Kusumowidagdo and Mr. Raditya Pratamandika, contribute in the 13th edition of Corporate Governance 2020 published by International Comparative Legal Guider, where they elaborate in detail:

  • main legislative sources for corporate governance practices;
  • current topical issues, developments, trends and challenges in corporate governance;
  • current perspectives regarding the risks of short-termism and the importance of promoting sustainable value creation over the long-term;
  • general legal duties and liabilities of members of the management body;
  • main specific corporate governance responsibilities/functions of members of the management body;
  • indemnities, or insurance to members of the management body;
  • CSR; and
  • corporate governance-related disclosures.

Trust this is useful and helpful for your general overview on regulatory coverage of Indonesian corporate governance.

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