Raissa Richka Jonah


Ms. Raissa Richka Jonah is a talented and a promising young lawyer, who graduated from Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia with the highest GPA in 2020, majoring in Private Law. Due to her achievement, she was awarded as the “Outstanding Student” of her class.

During her years at the University of Indonesia, Ms. Raissa Richka Jonah participated in various students’ associations and social activities in which she showed her excellent leadership, including in AIESEC Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Indonesia Legal Clinic. As part of her undergraduate study, she also attended a student exchange program in Universiti Malaya, Malaysia in 2019 where she gained tremendous experience in legal knowledge and organization skills.

Since joining Walalangi & Partners, Ms. Raissa Richka Jonah has been involved in various M&A transactions; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); and general corporate matters.